Three Muslim Boys Beat Up 12-Year-Old White Boy In Brutal Attack

Three Muslim Boys Beat Up 12-Year-Old White Boy In Brutal Attack

The brutal attack happened Friday morning in the UK town of Bradford.

Screenshots on the Facebook profile it was taken from said that the youth carrying out the attack did it because the young boy called him a name and ran off, according to the video description on LiveLeak.

Two Muslim thugs — both 13 — savagely beat a terrified 12-year-old White boy who had strayed into the “wrong neighborhood.” Footage shows two thugs punching and kicking a 12-year-old boy in the head in an unrelenting and brutal attack.

A third Muslim youth filmed the assault while laughing and urging them on, Top Right News reports. He later uploaded the video to Facebook, writing “Hahaha” and “that’s what he gets for going where he don’t belong.”

The boy is briefly able to escape into a nearby garden, where he knocks on a window for help, but is pursued by an attacker who again knocks him to the ground with one punch.

After seeing neighbors start to gather to watch, the boy filming the scene finally tells his friends to end the beating and they run off.

Later, however, the three 13-year-old boys were arrested by police on suspicion of assault.

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