ISIS Beheads 12 Syrian Rebels in Damascus Just Days After Releasing Most Gruesome Video Yet

ISIS Beheads 12 Syrian Rebels in Damascus Just Days After Releasing Most Gruesome Video Yet

Just days after ISIS released one of its most gruesome execution videos that showed 16 Iraqi ‘spies’ being drowned in a cage and killed in other barbaric ways, the Islamic State has now released a new propaganda video claiming to show the beheading of 12 men near the Syrian capital of Damascus.

In the video, titled “Repent Before Being Overcome or Repent Before You Are In Our Hands,” terrified men are shown being interviewed and paraded in front of the camera before their bloody execution.

After ‘confessing’ to the crime of opposing ISIS and failing to declare allegiance to the terror group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the men, who are wearing orange jumpsuits, are led out into a desert clearing where they are forced to their knees and beheaded with small knives as the black flag of the “Islamic State” flutters in the background. 

While speaking directly into the camera, the ISIS members appear clean-shaven — a rarity for jihadis and something likely to have been intended to humiliate the men before they are killed.

The footage was released by an ISIS affiliate that calls itself the Damascus Province, which is fighting Bashar al-Assad’s government and rival rebels for territory around the Syrian capital.

Images from the gory video were shared on social media sites on Thursday. You can watch the full video here if you choose.

Some Twitter accounts identified the men as members of the Syrian rebel unit, Jaish al-Islam, also known as the Army of Islam, which has been fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s army.

ISIS fighters have been clashing with members of the Jaish al-Islam, and several of the Islamic State jihadists were killed by the rebels recently.

The murder of the fighters loyal to Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch — known as the Nusra Front — comes despite the fact the jihadis groups have worked together on several operations in recent months, Daily Mail reports.

ISIS was, of course, once part of Al Qaeda before leaving the international terror network a self-declaring the establishment of a caliphate.

While publicly the group’s still only ever speak of one another as enemies, the pair appear willing to work with each other in the results of a twin-prong attack on a regime target or rival rebel group would be mutually beneficial. 

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