Cutest Video Ever Shows 3-Month-Old Baby Telling His Dad He Loves Him

Cutest Video Ever Shows 3-Month-Old Baby Telling His Dad He Loves Him

The first words for most babies are a simple “dada” or “mama,” but one 3-month-old baby seemed to have skipped speaking single words and went straight to a first sentence.

In the clip filmed by his wife, proud dad Ted Moskalento, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, makes baby sounds and then tells his 3-month-old son Ben, who he is holding on his lap, that he loves him, in the hope of getting a vocal response. 

Much to his surprise, his child seemed to say it back to him.

Posting alongside the video, Ted wrote, “My baby boy Ben said ‘I love you’ for the first time. Good thing my wife had the camera rolling. Enjoy!”

“Our lovely boy is growing faster than we can keep up!” he added.

Most babies don’t utter their first real word until around their first birthday, and they won’t usually speak their first sentence until between ages 2 and 3, but they will begin mimicking sounds at about 4 months old.

“I had said ‘I love you’ a few times prior to the clip, where his reaction was more ‘baby-talk’, which was why you hear me mimicking him at the start of the video,” Moskalenko said in an email to TheBlaze. “I said ‘I love you’ in the same pitch that he was using, it seemed like something clicked in his mind and he was able to reproduce the sounds. It was amazing!”

As for other words from Ben yet, Moskalenko joked, “I could have sworn he said ‘mama’, but it was in a half-asleep-getting-hungry state.”

The Moskalenkos had a feeling their video would get a lot of attention, but just how much it has gotten since being posted earlier this month is surprising.

“We posted it for our friends and family to see, and it just blew up from there,” the father said.

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