65 U.S. Cities Protest Planned Parenthood in ‘Women Betrayed’ Rallies

65 U.S. Cities Protest Planned Parenthood in ‘Women Betrayed’ Rallies

An estimated 12,000 Americans in at least 65 U.S. cities took to the streets Tuesday to rally against Planned Parenthood under the banner of #WomenBetrayed in response to the undercover videos released over the past few weeks that have purported to show the organization selling aborted fetal body parts.

The “Women Betrayed” rallies, coordinated by Students for Life of America and Pro-Life Future, followed release of three undercover videos by The Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood top officials negotiating deals to collect and deliver the baby parts. In one video, a Planned Parenthood executive haggles over prices and says, “I want a Lamborghini.”

A rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. featured many speakers, including GOP presidential candidates Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz.

Sen. Cruz told the crowd the videos are “nothing short of horrifying,” and he encouraged those who support abortion to ask themselves while they watch the undercover videos: “Are these my values?”

He called for “justice to be served” by having the U.S. Department of Justice investigate Planned Parenthood and asking Hillary Clinton if she supports the organization’s sale of body parts.

Many other rallies were held across America. More than 150 attended the rally at the Statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire, and hundreds protested in front of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Birmingham, Alabama and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Demonstrators held signs accusing Planned Parenthood of selling aborted baby parts and called for an investigation and federal de-funding.

There were also supporters of the Planned Parenthood, who showed up to the Tuesday rally in Cincinnati wearing pink and standing behind the crowds of protesters.

Some held their own signs which read, “Don’t take away our care.”

“I think there’s a bigger picture we’d all agree on if we weren’t so polarized thinking this is just about abortion,” said Harriet Matthey.

Others backed up Matthey, saying defunding Planned Parenthood will hurt women who rely on the organization for preventive care including breast and cervical cancer screenings. 

Some rallies were bigger than others, but all of them were filled with passionate people against abortion and, in some cases, people supporting the nation’s largest abortion provider.

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