Bystander Scolds Sheikh Preaching Radical Islam to Young Children

Bystander Scolds Sheikh Preaching Radical Islam to Young Children

The Middle East Media Research Institute posted a video on Thursday of a sheikh preaching radical Islam to a group of more than a dozen Muslim children in Jerusalem during his al-Aksa Mosque Summer Camp.

While the sheikh spoke primarily about the glories of martyrdom and how to attain 70 virgins in paradise, an Arab passerby decided to interrupt him in order to defend the young and impressionable age of the children.

“Listen, sheikh,” he interrupted. “They do not understand what you are saying. They are children.”

Heavily armed Border Police officers casually looked on and did not intervene.

A burqa-clad woman, presumably an assistant of the sheikh, responded to the disruption by urging the children to yell, “Allah Akbar!” The children, who previously appeared disinterested, do so without hesitation, screaming the phrase multiple times.

The sheikh told the bystander, “Leave us alone, please. We’ve heard your advice. Now go.”

“Shame on you,” the man continued, undeterred. “You can teach these lessons to [adults] like us, not to them.”

The woman then encouraged the children to yell a phrase which, translated to English, means, “We shall sacrifice our souls and our blood for you, Al-Aqsa!” The children also obediently and loudly obliged by repeatedly screaming the phrase.

The onlooker continued to speak with the sheikh. “Look at these children! Look what you are planting in their minds,” he said.

However, the sheikh waved the man away, telling him, “May Allah reward you,” to which the passerby responded, “Shame on you!” before walking away. The sheikh then continued to indoctrinate the children. 

The sheikh in the video is Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi, who once said that women who keep their social media passwords secret from their husbands are violating Shariah Law.

The video later shows the children yelling the well-known anti-Semitic chant, “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews” and praising martyrs as people walked by.

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