Pregnant Woman Pulled Over, Officer Gives Help Instead of a Ticket

Pregnant Woman Pulled Over, Officer Gives Help Instead of a Ticket

About two hours from Seattle in Silverdale, Washington on Friday, 38-week pregnant woman Amby Johnson was pulled over by a cop for expired license plates.

When she explained to him that it was difficult to bend over and that she’d meant to replace them, the man who identified himself as Officer Jimmy Allen decided to install the woman’s new plates for her instead of giving her a ticket.

It started when Johnson had a “really bad contraction” as she was driving.

She said she “decided to go around the speed bump to avoid any further pain” when she saw the police officer turn on the lights to pull her over.

Johnson explained in a statement to KIRO-TV that after being pulled over, a female Navy Military Police officer stepped out of the car, who told her why she was pulled over and “was very nice about it.” She then asked for her license, registration and insurance.

“She informed me my plates were expired and I reached to my back seat and showed her that I had the new ones, my husband just had not had the time to put them on. He’s in the Navy and sometimes he works long days and I don’t wanna bother him to put them on.”

Pregnant Amby M. Johnson and her husband.

Amby M. Johnson and her husband, Tremayne Johnson. (Image source: KiroTV)

“I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and I still go to work as a caregiver. So my back is already worn out from being pregnant and assisting clients with bathing and transfers also take a toll on me. Bending over to put them on myself was definitely out of the question,” she added.

Johnson wrote that Officer Jimmy Allen pulled up in another car a few moments later.

“I for sure thought I was gonna get a few tickets then,” she said.

Instead, Johnson explained her situation to Allen, who said he would help her install the plate himself.

“Instead of giving me a ticket for not having my new plates on, this Officer gladly helped put them on,” she wrote in the caption of a Facebook photo she posted of the incident. “Even though it was hot and he was sweating his balls off he was nice and didn’t make me feel bad about not having my plates on.”

“He was so polite and said yes he just had to make sure he had the right tools. He changed the plates for me and the MP made a statement saying ‘Officer of the year.’” Johnson wrote.

Officer Jimmy Allen helped the pregnant woman change her expired license plates

Officer Jimmy Allen (Image source: KiroTV)

“Today you don’t hear about the officers who actually do good, but I wanted to be one of the people to give credit when it’s due,” Johnson explained. “It went viral so fast and I was so shocked. He deserves it.”

However the one thing that bothers her is how people are making the story about race.

“It bothers me so bad that majority of the shares have the heading WHITE OFFICER helps BLACK WOMAN,” she wrote. “I’m half white and half black. It’s so sickening to read the comments from people sharing and they make comments like ‘and then he shot her.’

“Just see the story for what it is. A good officer helping out a woman. No race.”

Allen said he has seen disturbing police video on the news, and some of those incidents weren’t handled as well as should have been, he stated. Some officers slip through the cracks, but they’re not the majority, and people catch onto to them, he said.

Allen has also seen dozens of moments like this one, he explained, although most of them go unnoticed. At least once a week he said he’ll see a fellow officer helping someone or discussing a stop instead of routinely giving tickets.

“I truly believe that if you’re coming into this line of work it’s because you want to make a difference,” Allen said. “You want to work in your community to make it a better place.”

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