ISIS Hacking Group Releases Details of 1,400 Americans, Warns Beheading of U.S. Officials

ISIS Hacking Group Releases Details of 1,400 Americans, Warns Beheading of U.S. Officials

A group calling itself the Islamic State hacking division has published the details of 1,400 mostly U.S. military and government personnel and urged supporters to attack those listed.

The spreadsheet, published online on Wednesday, exposes names, email addresses, phone numbers and passwords. Those listed include members of the Marine Corps, NASA, the State Department, Air Force and FBI.

Supporters of ISIS on Twitter seized on the breach, posting personal details of soldiers and government staffers and encouraging lone wolves to “act and kill”.

Expressing doubt, Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Ray Odierno, told the Guardian, “This is the second or third time they’ve claimed that and the first two times I’ll tell you, whatever lists they got were not taken by any cyber attack,” referring to earlier claimed hacks by ISIS supporters in January and May.

“But I take it seriously because it’s clear what they’re trying to do… even though I believe they have not been successful with their plan,” he said.

A computer security expert, Troy Hunt, also cast doubt on the alleged hack, suggesting they could have pulled the majority of it from existing data breaches or publicly available information.

On Thursday, TheBlaze spoke with an ISIS Hacking Division representative using the smartphone messenger application Kik after TheBlaze found his contact information posted on the same website it used to publish a U.S. military member kill list in March.

The representative warned that U.S. military and government personnel will be beheaded in their own homes and promised that “very soon” followers of the organization would retaliate for overseas bombing targeting the terror organization.

According to the representative, ISIS constantly spies on U.S. military personnel and specifically targets them because their disbelief in the ISIS cause poisons their blood.

ISIS hacking group says they are always spying on U.S. servicemen

(Image source: TheBlaze)

ISIS hacking group warns beheading of U.S. officials

(Image source: TheBlaze)

Boasting of the group’s skills, the individual claimed his group “probably” could have breached security guarding the private email server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He, however, declined to get into the group’s specific methodology, saying, “Let the US gov figure that out.”

Department of Defense cyber-mobile and cyber-warfare expert Robert Twitchell said he thought the group could indeed have the capabilities to launch various hacking attacks that could result in information being compromised.

However, former intelligence analyst Jason Polancich said he believes that the pro-Islamic State group was mostly bluffing and that often information the hacking groups use is already available online.

A spokesman for the Pentagon said Wednesday afternoon that officials are still investigating the purported hack, but noted that “it appears all of the email addresses for the Army soldiers are old and haven’t been operational for months, if not years.”

Before Tuesday’s alleged hack, the group in March claimed to have posted the information of 100 U.S. military personnel with a call to “kill them in their own lands.”

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