‘Black Lives Matter’ Chanting Drives Jeb Bush to Make Early Exit From Town Hall Meeting

‘Black Lives Matter’ Chanting Drives Jeb Bush to Make Early Exit From Town Hall Meeting

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters interrupted Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s town hall meeting in Las Vegas Wednesday with incessant chanting of the familiar slogan.

The tone apparently began turning when Bush was asked questions relating to race.

When asked about his views on how blacks are treated in the criminal justice system and by police, Bush acknowledged there is racism in America and “these problems have gotten worse in the last few years,” adding that those affected “no longer trust the basic institutions in our society that they need to trust,” CNN reported

“No one should deny that, although there’s been significant progress,” he continued on to say.

When he was asked how he can relate to those experiencing these problems, Bush brought up his White House bid.

“I relate to it by running for president to try and create a climate where there is civility and understanding and to encourage mayors, leaders at the local level to engage so that there is not despair and isolation in communities,” he said.

Bush was supposed to give his closing statement, but at that point, the “black lives matter” chanting started and progressively got louder, which is when Bush instead began shaking hands and being escorted out of the room.

As the clip ended, Bush was seen attempting to shake a protester’s hand, but the man refused it and instead began yelling a question at Bush.

“They wanted to know how he felt about what’s going on in Ferguson and what’s going on with policing,” audience member Erika Washington told KSNV-TV

”You may not live it, but you have to say, ‘I see it, I hear, I’m here, I want to listen, I want to be a part of the solution,’” she added.

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters have made headlines since hijacking a Bernie Sanders political rally over the weekend.

In response, GOP candidate Donald Trump declared that he’d never allow protesters to take over his rallies, even saying he might get physical himself if necessary.

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