Muslim Activist Says This Is Why Islamism Is ‘Much More Dangerous Than Nazism’

Muslim Activist Says This Is Why Islamism Is ‘Much More Dangerous Than Nazism’

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a dedicated Muslim who is outspoken about the dangers of Islamism, warned Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Program that Islamism is “much more dangerous than Nazism.”

“You super-charge something with a religious belief and it becomes much more palatable and easier to spread,” she said. “So I’m actually more worried about Islamism than one could’ve been about Nazism.”

Ahmed explained that she believes Islam is a religion but Islamism is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

“One of its first tenets is that Islam can only be manifested as an Islamic state, a caliphate, and the nature of which is very much like what we are seeing ISIS pursue. Islam itself has no such prescription,” she said. “The Islam that I believe in has five central values which are really about prayer, charity, worship, fasting, and if you’re lucky, a pilgrimage to Mecca.”

Ahmed also warned that Islamism can be manifested in two forms. The first is through violence, like the ISIS or Al Qaeda. But she also said Islamism can be non-violent and utilize democratic organizations to “promote non-secular and very restrictive forms of government that are actually deceptions.”

When Beck said “Islamism is the enemy of mankind, but in particular … an enemy of women,” Ahmed agreed.

“It’s unfortunately just a continuation on this spectrum of abuses against women and all minorities,” she said. “[There’s this] very totalitarian pursuit that the ‘other’ — whether it be woman, girl, Christian, Yazidi — is anathema, is not allowed to have human rights, is rightfully persecuted. These are Islamist values.”

Ahmed said women are particularly vulnerable in Islamist societies because they are physically less strong than men, and often lack an education and independent income. She added that women should not be denied an education or a career in Islam.

Ahmed said in regards to the Iran deal that Americans are now in an uncomfortable position where “our government has made a very serious treaty with an Islamist superpower, and there’s no getting away from that.”

When Beck asked what one piece of knowledge Ahmed wanted to give to the audience before leaving, she said that “overwhelmingly, your concerns and your fears about what transpires in the name of Islam are our concerns and our fears as Muslims.”

“Remember that Muslims are the foremost victims of Islamism, whether they’re Iranian women … or whether we are Pakistani minorities … or whether we are subjected to the misery of terrorist campaigns by the Taliban or Al Qaeda or ISIS,” she said. “The number one victims are Muslims who are not Islamists.”

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