Two Minute Trailer Video Shows StemExpress CEO Laughing About Shipping Aborted Baby Parts

Two Minute Trailer Video Shows StemExpress CEO Laughing About Shipping Aborted Baby Parts

Pro-life group the Center for Medical Progress released a short eighth video Friday to serve as a teaser trailer for an upcoming video in their “Human Capital” series, following a judge’s ruling that it could do so. 

The heavily edited two-minute string of clips taken from its previous releases was released with aims to show that Planned Parenthood is breaking federal laws in its abortion procedures and profiting off the sale of fetal parts. 

Although a California judge put a temporary restraining order on the California-based anti-abortion group – saying it could not release a different new video featuring StemExpress executives until it looked into whether it was filmed illegally – the order was lifted Friday. 

“The First Amendment protects every American’s free speech, regardless of how damaging the truth is for scandal-ridden organizations like StemExpress and Planned Parenthood,” Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund President Chuck LiMandri, part of the legal team representing the Center for Medical Progress, said in a statement Friday evening. 

The brief clip, released ahead of a longer video expected within the next day or so, features in all five different Planned Parenthood leaders from around the United States, in addition to Holly O’Donnell, a former technician for StemExpress, a biomedical research company that worked with Planned Parenthood. 

In the video, StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer is shown in a lunch meeting with undercover actors posing as representatives of a biotech firm. 

“Oh yeah, if you have intact cases — which we’ve done a lot — we sometimes ship those back to our lab in its entirety,” she said.

She then laughed about how lab workers need a warning before opening the package and seeing the aborted baby parts. “Tell the lab its coming,” she says, laughing.“You know, open the box and go ‘Oh my God,’” Dyer adds. 

The charges have caused congressional Republicans and GOP presidential hopefuls to call for cutting all federal funding for the organization. Planned Parenthood is not permitted to use any of the more than $500 million it receives from the federal government annually for abortion services. 

“There’s nothing on this extremely heavily edited video that hasn’t already been seen and discredited,” Eric Ferrero, a Planned Parenthood spokesman, told CNN in response to the most recent video. “There seems to be no limit to how far this group will go to deceive the public in order to pursue an extreme political agenda.” 

StemExpress also responded, saying in a statement that the discussion was about “intact livers,” not fetuses, adding that livers are “among the most urgently needed of medical tissues by scientists and medical researchers working to cure cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.” 

The company added that “StemExpress has never requested, received or provided to a researcher an ‘intact fetus.’

So far, 12 states have responded to the Planned Parenthood videos and launched investigations into their abortion and organ harvesting business including South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts, KansasMissouri, Arizona, Indiana,Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. The district attorney in Houston Texas is also investigating after the Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion facility was caught selling aborted babies.

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