70% of North Korea’s Submarines Have Left Their Bases and Allegedly Can’t Be Located

70% of North Korea’s Submarines Have Left Their Bases and Allegedly Can’t Be Located

50 of North Korea’s submarines have left their bases at both Eastern and Western coast for operations, and allegedly can’t be located.

That accounts for 70% of N. Korea’s submarine fleet, which totals 70 ships. This is the largest deployment of subs since the Korean War.

The military is increasing their surveillance capability to track them, Korean TV reported and Free Republic translated.

Military sources said, “This is 10 times more than their normal deployment level. Dozens of them left their bases at both coasts, and we are unable to track them.” 

They suspect that the unusually high level of N. Korea’s submarine movements may be for further military provocation, and raised their level of alert.

N. Korea also more than doubled its front-line deployment of artillery power, since participating in high-level talks with South Korea aimed at easing tension.

Being away from their bases for operations is a sign that the North is gearing up for combat, a South Korean official said Sunday.

On Saturday, Pyongyang, which is the capital of North Korea, delivered an ultimatum to Seoul demanding it stop broadcasting propaganda via loudspeakers across the borders. It set a deadline of 17:00 local time (08:00 GMT) on Saturday for this to happen. The North threatened ‘imminent’ military action if Seoul didn’t meet the demands.

A South Korean Defense Ministry official has stated that Seoul will target any Pyongyang units that attack loudspeakers in the Demilitarized Zone.

According to VOA News, North and South Korea have reached an agreement early Tuesday morning to defuse the latest confrontation on the Korean peninsula. There is no immediate report on details of the accord, but the office of South Korean President Park Geun-hye said it would make an announcement shortly.

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