Satanists Drown Women With Milk in Planned Parenthood Counter-Protest

Satanists Drown Women With Milk in Planned Parenthood Counter-Protest

While pro-life individuals and organizations assembled at over 300 Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide on Saturday to protest undercover videos that purport to show the sale of tissue from aborted babies, Satanists held a dramatic counter-protest of their own.

Members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit, who do not believe in the devil and instead “advocates for religious tolerance and pluralism,” assembled outside of a clinic in Ferndale, Michigan, where they attached a symbol of their temple to the American flag and held up a sign that read, “America is not a theocracy. End forced motherhood,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Some of the participants wore black robes and priestly garb as they began engaging in what appeared to be faux water-boarding using milk.

The Satanic Temple shared a video of the counter protest on its YouTube page titled, “Political Theatre Against Pro-Life Day Of Protest.” A description explained, “The Temple employed radical political theatre to illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.”

The group of Satanists is seen at the beginning of the clip walking toward the Planned Parenthood clinic.

After quickly assembling outside of the building, a man claiming to be the “chief of police” approached and unsuccessfully asked them to leave when he failed to show a badge and the Satanists proceeded with their plans.

Three individuals dressed in priestly outfits — with one holding a Christian cross — then poured the milk over the heads of two women who were kneeling down in front of them in what appeared to be a prayer stance that they were bound by rope in.

Satanists drown women with milk in Planned Parenthood counter-protest

Satanists pour milk on several members of the temple in a dramatic counter-protest in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic. (Image source: Youtube/TheBlaze)

The women made dramatic noises to seemingly act as if they were suffering as the liquid fell over their heads and streamed down their bodies.

The members of the Satanic Temple of Detroit were simulating water-boarding to “illustrate the theocratic agenda imposed upon female bodies.” The milk symbolized breast milk, one of the protest organizers explained on Facebook.

Meanwhile, protesters on site to urge the defunding of Planned Parenthood stood nearby and instantly responded by attempting to drown the spectacle out with “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Hail Mary.”

When it was over, the Satanists left the area as some pro-Planned Parenthood supporters cheered in support of their show.

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