Release of Eighth Undercover Video Claims Planned Parenthood Sells “A Lot” of Aborted Baby Parts

Release of Eighth Undercover Video Claims Planned Parenthood Sells “A Lot” of Aborted Baby Parts

A pro-life, medical ethics group the Center for Medical Progress has released the eighth video in its ongoing undercover series that purports to show the illegal sale of tissue and organs from aborted babies.

The anti-abortion group put out a preview of its 8th video on Friday, but has now released the full video.

According to a press release from the Center for Medical Progress, the latest video, which was filmed May 22, 2015, shows Cate Dyer, CEO of biotech company StemExpress, LLC, “admitting the company gets ‘a lot’ of intact fetuses” and “agreeing abortion clinics should profit from the sale.”

Dyer is seen in the footage, which was filmed on May 22, 2015, telling actors posing as fetal tissue buyers that liver tissue is an “area of demand” for StemExpress. 

When an actor proceeded to ask, “What would make your lab happy?” Dyer responded, “Another 50 livers a week.”

The actors also spoke with the StemExpress leader about “intact cases,” seemingly referring to aborted fetuses.

“If you have intact cases — which we’ve done a lot — we sometimes ship those back to our lab in its entirety,” Dyer said. “That would also be great if you have those.”

“Tell the lab its coming,” she later laughed about shipping the intact unborn babies. “You know, open the box and go ‘Oh my God,’” Dyer adds.

The actors then launched into a conversation about compensation with Dyer, with one of them saying that they want any potential agreement between the two parties to be “financially beneficial” for StemExpress, to which Dyer responded, “Yeah, yeah and both of us, for sure.”

“Right, and so promising to the providers — making it financially beneficial for the clinics,” the actor responded, to which Dyer confirmed: “Yeah.”

At the end of the clip, Dyer said that Planned Parenthood has “volume” and is a “volume institution.”

StemExpress has since cut ties with Planned Parenthood earlier this month after the Center for Medical Progress released its first several videos.

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