Good Samaritans Step in to Help Ambushed Florida Police Officer

Good Samaritans Step in to Help Ambushed Florida Police Officer

Three strangers unexpectedly teamed up to come to the aid of one Florida cop who desperately needed some help.

Polk County Deputy Mike Walsh had just pulled over Corey Johnson for blowing through a stop sign and almost hitting him on his motorcycle. But what Johnson allegedly did afterward caught the attention of three bystanders.

“The guy slammed the door out on the deputy and then jumped at him and just started wailing and hitting him across the head and just beating him,” George Cooper told WTVT-TV.

Cooper didn’t let a torn ACL stop him from running to help the officer in trouble.

“I wasn’t thinking about my safety. I was thinking about helping him. The boy was all over him straddling him [and] beating him. He snatched his radio and took it,” continued Cooper.

“He is a man just like I am. He has children, he has a wife and a family. I want him to go home to his family like I go home to my family,” Cooper said.

Cooper said Johnson continued reaching for the deputy’s gun belt.

Another good Samaritan, Antonio Velazquez, said he stopped his truck in the middle of the road when he saw what was happening and knew he had to help.

In the meantime, Cooper had managed to get Johnson off Walsh, which is when the criminal took off running. But Valazquez chased after him.

“I kicked him and he fell down and when I tried to grab him I fell down with him,” Velazquez said.

And at some point, a third unnamed good Samaritan joined in to help.

Walsh is recovering from cuts and bruises, as well as a broken thumb.

Corey Johnson is the suspect that caused good samaritans step in to help ambushed Florida police officer

Corey Johnson (Image source: KTVT-TV)

Johnson, who has been arrested seven other times, was taken into law enforcement custody on charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and driving while license suspended or revoked.

Cooper told the station that he has no regrets looking back on the risky rescue.

“It doesn’t matter what your color is, your race, or your creed. He is a police officer. He is supposed to help us. That is just their job,” Cooper said.

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