Canadian Universities Flip Out Over Poster for ‘White Students Union’

Canadian Universities Flip Out Over Poster for ‘White Students Union’

Several Canadian colleges are expressing outrage after fliers posted Monday apparently advertised the creation of a “White Students Union,” according to the Daily Caller.

Flyers appeared on bulletin boards and elsewhere at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and York University, all of which are large public colleges in Toronto. 

The flyer, showing two young white men standing in front of Toronto’s CN Tower, declares simply “White Students Union!” and invites people to visit a website titled “Students For Western Civilization.”

The website says York University’s student paper refused to publish a piece titled “York Needs A White Student Union!”

The piece, which was posted on the website, argues:

“Students are taught that all of Western Civilization is inherently ‘racist’ and that Western countries are plagued by a ‘systemic and institutionalized’ racism which reinforces a ‘system of white supremacy.

A white students’ union … would serve to promote and celebrate the culture of Western Civilization. It would serve as a platform to promote and advance the political interests of Western peoples. And most importantly, it would serve as a venue to explore those perspectives on ethnic politics that our Marxist indoctrinators seek to suppress and ignore, thereby giving to York a taste of that intellectual “diversity” which it purports to value.”

Officials at all three schools have moved rapidly to denounce the fliers as racist, and students quickly took them down.

One student told Metro News that the flyer’s mere presence was “triggering,” implying that it caused fits related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“A poster like that is obviously a cause for concern and if there are concerns that the subject matter is offensive, they will be taken down,” University of Toronto spokeswoman Althea Blackburn-Evans told The Globe and Mail.

At Ryerson University, school officials labeled the signs “offensive” and encouraged students to report any they see so they can be quickly taken down.

But at least one person says the extremely negative response to the flyers proves the existence of anti-white bias on campuses.

Ricardo Duchesne, a professor at the University of New Brunswick who appears in a video on the Students for Western Civilization website, said nobody would bat an eye at flyers for groups dedicated to any other race.

“Nobody would have thought anything about it, they would have said, ‘that’s great, that’s what diversity is about,” Duchesne told Maclean’s, a major Canadian news magazine. “But you can’t say white student union. I would have preferred European student union. But I don’t oppose this because I believe in freedom of speech and I believe that a university is a place where ideas that are controversial have to be debated in an open atmosphere.”

Duchesne’s statement about groups dedicated to other races and nationalities holds its weight. Ryerson University, for example, has all of the following as official student groups:

African Students’ Association

United Black Students Ryerson

Caribbean Students’ Association

Afghan Students’ Association

East African Students’ Association

Indian Students’ Association

Chinese Students’ Association

Indigenous Students Association

Organization of Latin American Students

South Asian Alliance

Sri Lankan Student Alliance (as well as a Tamil Students’ Association for those from that ethnic minority)

Out of at least 35 nation-specific student groups in Ryerson, the only region missing is Western Europe, a gap a white student union could fill.

The school had an incident last March where two students were kicked out of an “anti-racist” meeting for being white. 

But various individuals at the universities say white students have more than enough voice on campus and a group dedicated to their interests would be oppressive in a way other groups are not.

Sania Khan, an officer for the University of Toronto student union, doesn’t believe white students need any more representation on campus than they already have.

“If you look at our governing council at the University of Toronto, you’ll mostly see older white men,” she told Metro News. “Their voice is being heard enough.”

H/T The Daily Caller

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