Denmark Slashes Salaries for Syrian Refugees; Refugees Now Want to Leave

Denmark Slashes Salaries for Syrian Refugees; Refugees Now Want to Leave

As Hungary is closing its borders to better deal with the Syrian migrant crisis, another European country that is accepting refugees has altered their benefits offered up to refugees.

As reported by Breitbart, the Danish government cut the salary for refugees from 10,000 kroner to just around 5,000, and migrants from the Middle East are dissatisfied with the terms of asylum the peaceful country of Denmark is now presenting.

Refugees are now demanding to be allowed to seek asylum in Sweden or Finland, where they can still receive larger salaries.

In addition, Denmark has a higher waiting time it would take to relocate the migrants’ families. While Denmark’s wait time is currently sitting at a year and a half, Sweden and Finland only require a two to three month wait.

As a result of these new policies, Denmark has seen a decrease in applications for asylum, dropping from 3,150 in September 2014 to 626 in January 2015.

Meanwhile Sweden, who became the first European country to grant automatic residency to Syrian refugees in 2013, has seen record numbers of asylum requests.

The situation in Denmark raises the question of what reasons the migrants have for fleeing, as some appear to be only interested in how much money they can extract from their benefactors.

Having restrictions like Denmark’s certainly shows that it is possible to weed out those who are there for a free buck.

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