Six Memphis Cops Escort Girl to Father-Daughter Dance After Her Father Was Killed in Line of Duty

Six Memphis Cops Escort Girl to Father-Daughter Dance After Her Father Was Killed in Line of Duty

An 8-year-old girl got a special police escort to her father-daughter dance.

Jewel Warren’s father, Memphis police officer Tim Warren, was killed in the line of duty back in 2011 while assisting with a domestic situation in the downtown area.

When Jewel got an invitation to attend a father-daughter dance at her school, she was sad and “at a loss.” That’s when Jewel’s mom reached out to Taylor Amen, the wife of a Memphis police officer, and Donna Kirk, a Memphis firefighter’s widow. They then got in touch with officers about escorting Jewel to the dance.

West TN C.O.P.S., a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring fallen officers and helping their family members and co-workers “rebuild their shattered lives”, donated the tickets for all attending the dance.

Jewel showed up to the dance in style in a classic 1972 Cutlass Supreme with six officers as her dates – each of whom brought her a long stem rose. A salon styled Jewel before the event, and a florist donated the roses, boutonnieres and corsage. Local photographer Amanda Swain even donated her time and talent and captured photos of the special day.

Swain said she gets “teary-eyed thinking about it” Swain said of the Sept. 4th dance. “…Some of them were dads too and so I’m sure their thoughts were thinking this could be my kid,” she added, according to ABC Action News.

Swain says Jewel’s mom was at the dance as well, watching from the background, and has described the evening as “wonderful.”

The officers, according to Swain, were also the life of the party.

“These guys knew dances that I didn’t even know and I’m probably younger than them,” she said. “They led the line of kids dancing.”

Officer Amen said it was an honor to escort Jewel to her school dance. “We know we cannot replace Tim, but we can be there for his family when we are needed,” he said.

See photos from the dance below.

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