‘Nooses’ Found Hanging in Tree, University of Delaware President Jumps to Label it ‘Hate Crime’

‘Nooses’ Found Hanging in Tree, University of Delaware President Jumps to Label it ‘Hate Crime’

A University of Delaware student reported finding three “nooses” hanging from a tree Tuesday evening in front of a building on campus, one day after Black Lives Matter activists held a demonstration to protest a speech by conservative author Katie Pavlich.

Acting President Nancy M. Targett got on Twitter and announced that campus police were “investigating” the “hate crime.” She added, “We need to stand together against intolerance.”

The discovery initially sparked an outcry on social media from students and others. She went further on the UD Facebook page, saying:

“We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus. This hateful display stands in stark contrast to Monday night’s peaceful protest and discussion. We condemn this despicable action and ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate.”

University police characterized the discovery initially as “a racist display.”

But officials soon learned it wasn’t a hate crime or a racist display — the ropes were left over from an event involving paper lanterns that took place on The Green, a campus open space.

University of Delaware: The "nooses" found on campus last night were actually remnants of paper lanterns. http://bit.ly/1KuDo1u

Posted by Ryan Cormier on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Targett went back on Twitter and relayed the news Wednesday morning:

But even though the “hate crime” has been exposed as a total non-event, the president wasn’t finished.

She stated in a letter sent to the university community Wednesday morning that the incident revealed the campus’ sensitivity to the potential issue and shows a need for “continuing dialogue.” She then encouraged everyone to join her at a scheduled gathering at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon on The Green.

Race baiters continued to be skeptical of the validity of the update:

However, most commenters on Twitter responded with frustration:

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