Viral Video Shows California High School Student Defending Blind Kid Being Beaten Up

Viral Video Shows California High School Student Defending Blind Kid Being Beaten Up

A fight caught on camera went viral after a Southern California high school student was shown physically defended a visually impaired student who was being punched in the face.
A visually impaired student (left) being punched in the face. (Image source: YouTube)

A visually impaired student (left) being punched in the face. (Image source: YouTube)

The incident at Huntington Beach High School was caught on video during lunch Wednesday, KCAL-TV reported.

The clip began with one student throwing punches at another teen’s face:

(Image source: Youtube)

(Image source: Youtube)

Then suddenly the aggressor was smashed to the ground by another student:

(Image source: Youtube)

(Image source: Youtube)

“Are you ok, Austin?” the rescuer asked the boy who was being punched and then led him away. “Alright, come here.”

The student who intervened, identified as Cody Pine, then quickly returned to the scene, bent down and asked the dazed aggressor, now bleeding from under his beanie, “Trying to f***ing jump a blind kid, bro?”

(Image source: Youtube)

(Image source: Youtube)

As a pair of students helped the aggressor to his feet and led him away, the rescuing student was heard issuing a warning.

“I swear to God, if you f***ing f*** with this kid again, I will f*** you up,” he said.

Here’s the clip. (Warning: Profanity):

Huntington Beach Police announced the arrest of the alleged bully, KCAL reported: “The victim and suspect know each other and have a history of not getting along. Yesterday the victim walked past the suspect, and they got into an argument. At that time, the suspect punched the victim several times, and that is when the third student intervened and struck the suspect to prevent any further attack on the victim.”

The suspect “has been arrested for misdemeanor battery and released back to his parents,” police said. 

An online petition gathered nearly 60,000 signatures as of Friday evening after it stated the defender Pines was suspended from school and kicked off the football team before it revised the petition to forgo any mention of football.

However, according to TheBlaze, Huntington Beach High School released a statement Friday afternoon saying that the student who intervened in the altercation has not been suspended over the past two days.

“He has been eligible to attend school with all privileges both Thursday and Friday of this week, and this eligibility will continue,” the statement read, adding that the family of the student gave the school permission to release the information. 

Pines was also not kicked off the football team. “He was not on this year’s roster, as he stopped playing last spring,” Public Information Coordinator Alyssa Griffiths said.

Police said they “do not anticipate any arrest being made on the victim or the 3rd intervening student,” KCAL reported.

The brother of the alleged bully, however, sees the situation differently, telling KNBC his brother was being taunted and was the victim.

“This so-called hero, he comes up and punches him in the back of the head,” the brother told KNBC. “Pretty wrong, if you ask me. He could’ve killed him.”

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