UK Islamist on CBS: “I Want Every Woman in This Country Covered From Head to Toe” (WATCH)

UK Islamist on CBS: “I Want Every Woman in This Country Covered From Head to Toe” (WATCH)

During an interview on CBS News, British Islamist Abu Rumaysah said he wants to see every woman in the UK “covered from head to toe.”

Rumaysah and his fellow Islamists patrol the streets of East London, chastising British citizens for not complying with Islamic law, according to Free Beacon. In a series of videos, they can be seen harassing women for inappropriate dress, rebuking men simply for drinking alcohol, and calling a man “dirty” on the suspicion that he might be gay.

Rumaysah told 60 Minutes correspondent Clarissa Ward:

“Ultimately, I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe. I want to the see the hand of the thief cut. I want to see adulterers stoned to death. I want to see sharia law in Europe, and I want to see it in America, as well. I believe our patrols are a means to an end.”

Rumaysah told Ward that Western democracy was a “barbaric” system and that he should be free to “choose” Islamic law and enforce it as he sees fit. He even told Ward to cover herself up.

“Why can’t I tell you to cover up? Am I free to say that?” Rumaysah asked. “So, cover up. Wear the hijab.”

Rumaysah is in the inner circle of radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary. Both men were arrested in September on charges of inciting young British Muslims to engage in terrorism.

Ward also interviewed Choudary, and the Muslim cleric said he refused to believe that James Foley was an innocent journalist and added that he believes his brutal murder by ISIS terrorists in August was justified.

“I don’t believe any western journalists, quite frankly. I believe you’re liars until proven otherwise,” Choudary said. “But let me tell you something — the perspective of the Muslims of journalists, whether that be James Foley and others, is that they are the propaganda for the western regimes.”

When Ward pointed out that Choudary condemned violence by “the West” while refusing to condemn violence by Islamic extremists, he said there was “a difference between the oppressor and the oppressed.”

Such a vigilante group of Islamic thugs clearly should not be allowed anywhere on the streets in a civilized society.

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