Dad’s Touching Anti-Bullying Song for Daughters is Now a Global Inspiration

Dad’s Touching Anti-Bullying Song for Daughters is Now a Global Inspiration

Khari Toure, a musician from Oakland, California and a father of three, has turned a negative into a positive after his six-year-old daughter Nia was bullied at school. He used his talent as a spoken word poet and musician to create a positive family-oriented rap song called “Love Yourself.”

“Love Yourself” was composed to let his little girl know that no matter what others think, she is beautiful. The song includes other positive affirmations as well and the music video features children with special needs who often are victims of bullies, too.

Khari said people love his anti-bullying song.

The chorus goes:

I’m beautiful
I’m worthy
And those mean words
Can’t hurt me
I’m priceless
I’m smart
And I love myself
I’m focused on my health

“It’s resonated with so many people who tell me it’s empowering,” he told the Meredith Vieira Show. “They’ve internalized the words and it’s changed their lives.”

On September 24 he reported on Facebook that he has already performed “Love Yourself” at three public schools in the Bay Area and now is being asked to perform at more schools.

In early October, he said, “I haven’t been on social media much. I’ve been busy recording my upcoming double album ‘The Passion of a Poet’ and writing my children’s book ‘Love Yourself.’ I want to release both in December 2015. Thanks to everyone who keeps checking up on me. I’ll return soon. But for now, I’ve got to focus on finishing my upcoming projects. Love you all!”

Watch the video below and download his song on iTunes.

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