Gaza Parents Name Newborn Baby Boy ‘Knife of Jerusalem’

Gaza Parents Name Newborn Baby Boy ‘Knife of Jerusalem’

A Gaza family named its newborn baby “Knife of Jerusalem” in “solidarity” with Palestinian terrorists who have stabbed several Israelis to death and injured many more in some 50 attacks throughout Israel and in the West Bank this month.

Mohammed Abu Shebika, 31, invited journalists to his home in the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza on Saturday to see the baby, who was born four days earlier.

Shebika showed reporters the birth certificate, and wrapped the baby in a Palestinian flag for photographers, The Times of Israel reports.

In a video translated and posted by media watchdog MEMRI, Shebika said, “Allah has given me a new baby, and I’ve named him ‘Knife of Jerusalem’ after the intifada of the knives.”

He said the wave of attacks was “a new kind of revolution. Allah willing, the third intifada will not stop.”

While Abu Shebika instilled hatred and glorified death from birth, he said he had chosen the name “in support of the blood of the martyrs” and added, “it was the least I could do, even if many people don’t like it.”

The baby’s mother also told reporters that they had chosen the name “in solidarity with our people in the West Bank. This is the least we can do for them.”

The couple were filmed in their home with two other small children — a boy and a girl.

A friend of the father’s said he had suggested the name because “I felt that this would gain lots of attention on social media.” He said Shebika had stopped by his shop on the way to the hospital where his wife was giving birth where he mentioned to his friend that they didn’t have a name for the baby yet.

The friend, who was not named in the clip, recalled, “He said, How can I call him ‘Knife’?” However, he said the father was persuaded and the friend went on to say that “it is the knife that has the say on the ground.”

He added, “This is a really sweet name. It is the least we can do for Jerusalem.”

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