Woman Raised as a Muslim in the Middle East Reveals What She Says Is the Truth About Islam

Woman Raised as a Muslim in the Middle East Reveals What She Says Is the Truth About Islam

A woman who claims to have been raised in a Muslim family in the Middle East recently released a fiery Facebook video criticizing the Prophet Muhammad and imploring people to stop “sugarcoating” details surrounding the Islamic faith.

The woman, who appears to go by the name Farrah Prudence, pushed back against what she said were incorrect claims about Islam and uttered critical proclamations about Muhammad, calling Islam’s most revered prophet a “racist,” “pedophile,” “adulterer” and a “liar” who “spilled plenty of blood.”

She explains how the word “jihad” means “exerting effort for the sake of Allah,” and further breaks it down to explain how Allah wants everyone to become Muslims and how it is mentioned several times in the Koran “kill them and fight them, cut off their heads.”

She concludes that jihad does in fact mean violence after explaining in detail the backstory of Mohammad’s actions that began peacefully but ended with war, murder and sex slaves.

She also emphasizes that Islam isn’t a race and that it is, instead, “a religion.” “For the person that said, ‘Saying all Muslims are terrorists is like saying all Italians are in the Mafia’— you’re a dimwit,” she said. “Italians are a race. They’re a country. They come from a country.”

She goes on to offer her own definition of what it means to be a Muslim. “If you believe in Muhammad and Allah, you’re a Muslim. If you follow Muhammad as your ultimate role model, you’re a Muslim,” Prudence explained.

Speaking specifically of the atrocities that Islamic extremists have committed, Prudence seemingly charged that these acts are not restricted to radicals and are, instead, perpetuated by individuals who are “devout” in the faith.

“They’re not bad Muslims. They’re perfect Muslims,” she said. “I have never seen more devout Muslims in my life, and I grew up as one in the Middle East by a family that was well-known to be very lenient in their religion.”

She adds, “Sharia law is real. Jihad is real. And it’s not self-betterment.” 

Prudence said that she’s tired of people “sugarcoating” the discussion and “taking out parts that our inconvenient,” and she implores viewers who disagree to “get over yourselves and start educating yourselves.”

She then attacks Black Americans, feminists, and the LGBT community for focusing on the wrong issues.

She explains how Muslims are the ones who spread slavery and they are the ones who still have over 20 million black slaves in Muslim countries and nobody is talking about it. Prudence goes on to bash feminists, saying they are worried about the myth of equal pay, but they are not worried about women getting stoned and butchered in Muslim countries or young Yazidi girls getting taken as sex slaves.

“The LGBT community is so concerned about baking a cake, yet people who are just accused of being gay in Muslim countries are thrown off buildings,” she continues. “You hypocrites!” 

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