Hillary Clinton Uses Smiling Babies in Ad That Praises Abortion

Hillary Clinton Uses Smiling Babies in Ad That Praises Abortion

Hillary Clinton’s debuted a new campaign ad on Monday, titled “I Believe.”

The new video opens with a man addressing his unborn child: “Hi, little one. It’s me. It’s your dad. You are not born yet… I can’t wait to meet you.” The video then transitions into a montage of several people addressing their children with various terms of endearment.

At one point we hear Clinton’s voice, saying she believes in an America “where we don’t leave anyone out or anyone behind.”

This video is meant to be showcase the aspirations that some of Clinton’s supporters have for the future of this country.

The campaign Facebook page adds the following description to the video: “As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings, we aren’t just thinking about our own futures—we’re thinking about the kind of future we want the next generations to come into.”

Then, out of the blue, at the 2:19 marker in the video, a woman says, “I believe in an America where you will be able to make decisions about your body because it belongs to you.”

While clearly referring to the legality of abortion, the abhorrent video shows two smiling babies while this statement is being made.



The ad even ends with the same dad it began with saying, “I love you and I can’t wait to meet you in a few months.”

H/T National Right To Life News Today

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